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I Love to Drink and Cook with Wine

I Love to Drink and Cook with Wine

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If you’re looking to add a bit of fun and personality to your kitchen, this area rug is the perfect pick! Show off your cooking prowess and food creativity with this “I Like To Cook With Wine And Sometimes I Add It To The Food” mat for floor. Everyone who visits will get an immediate kick out of the quirky quote and it will be sure to create a great conversation starter. 

The area rug comes in two sizes that are sure to suit any kitchen space – 24x36, 36x60, and 48x72.

Not only is this rug perfect for chefs who love combining wine with their cooking, but also anyone who enjoys a good laugh while creating tasty dishes. Its message exudes a happy and fun energy that adds true character to any room – perfect for those who love being eccentric! Get yourself one of these unique area rugs today for all your cooking happiness needs!

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