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Mom's Wine Mug: Don't worry, "It's Probably Just Wine!"

Mom's Wine Mug: Don't worry, "It's Probably Just Wine!"

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Let's face it - we all need a caffeine fix every now and then. But why settle for a plain old coffee mug when you can show off your sense of humor with this fantastic ‘It's Probably Just Wine’ mug? 

This 11 oz. white ceramic mug will have everyone laughing - and sure to follow up with a “you get me” smile from your friends. We know that life gets a bit hectic and overwhelming at times, so express yourself with our witty little phrase that pretty much sums it all up! 

If you are wanting an easy and lighthearted way to make those around you chuckle, then this is definitely the coffee mug for you. The perfect gift for wine-lovers everywhere, it also makes an excellent addition to dinner parties or weekend gatherings where you want to show off your carefree and breezy side. 

Our Coffee Mug that says It's Probably Just Wine is hoping to become your go-to respite for a good evening, party, or conversation starter!

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